Form a Company: How To Register a Private Limited Company in India?

Establishing and operating a private firm in India requires legal compliance. It is gently important to register and obtain ‘Pvt. Ltd’ prefix symbol on your chosen business name. 

Operating a private business without legal symbols is illegal in the eyes of the Indian government and may lead to facing uncertain legal objections. 

Thus, for successful and avoid-compliance it is a crucial phase for any businessman as one has to comply with all legal requirements in addition to launching the business market.

So, here in this blog, we have mentioned how to register private limited companies in India step-by-step. 

Thinking to register your private limited company? Get the idea of ‘how to process’ from the following and also you can avail of our expert services to get a solution to difficulties. 

Steps for Enrolling Private Limited Company 

Take your start a business idea flawless with all legal procedures with these five easy steps.

No.1 – Obtain Digital Signature Certificate

Concisely, DSC is essential to start the procedure of Pvt. Ltd Registration in Jaipur, India. DSC is a digital signature certificate of proposed directors of the company that is required to file the forms for company information. 

In order to obtain the digital signature certificates, there are two ways either get from government recognized certifying agencies or you can get your DSC online from NKoolwal & Company.

No.2 – Request DIN

Director Identification Number is just an identification number for a director. Anyone who wishes to be a director of the company can obtain the DIN. One Din is appropriate and enough to be a director in any number of companies and it can be obtained following three ways. 

  • File form DIN 3
  • With filing SPICe,
  • Or, Let a Nkoolwal & Company expert procure DIN for you (it’s easy from above two)

No.3 – Reserved Proposed Company Name

After getting DSC and DIN now it is time to get the name approval for your company. To reserve the name an application for reservation of name of a private limited company shall be done through e-Form INC – 1 by making payment of request fee. 

There are two major following ways to get the name approved or reserved. 

  • One via RUN (Reserve Unique Name) form
  • Second applying for the proposed name through SPICe INC – 32. In this only one name can be applied to this form. 

No.4 – Filling Form SPICe INC-32

In order to make incorporation of private limited easier and simpler, the ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has introduced form SPICe INC32 that helps form a company using a single form process. 

Upshot of technology, the process goes digital and electronic and serves the following benefits. 

  • Easy to an application for allotment of DIN 
  • Fast reservation of company name
  • Flawless incorporation of a new company
  • Get an application for PAN and TAN

No.5 – At last, e-MOA and e-AOA is Essential

INC – 33 refers to electronic Memorandum of Association and INC – 34 to electronic Article of Association. These are electronically processed forms that are mandatory and introduced to simplify the process of company registration in India. 

Whereas Memorandum of Association of Company enumerates the scope, objectives, and activities of the company. On the other hand, Article of Association of Company – A regards to dealing with the inside curriculum, rules, and regulations of the company. 

Advantages of Registering a private Company With Nkoolwal & Company

It sounds connected to incorporating a company that requires reliable, trusted, and professional agents or CA experts. The NKoolwal & Company team of CA experts offer you intuitive benefits when thinking about registering your private company with us. 

  1. DIN for 2 Directors 
  2. DSC for 2 Directors 
  3. Name Search & Approval 
  4. MOA/AOA 
  5. PAN & TAN 
  6. Free Accounting Software 
  7. Free GST Filing

Summing Up

It is the end of the story! These steps are recommended to follow if you wish to form a company from anywhere in India. In case you are facing any difficulties, wish to know more about it, or may require free consultation, contact us. It’s 100% free and confidential.

Form a Company: How To Register a Private Limited Company in India?

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