Import Export Code Registration Process, Benefits & Required Documents

Import Export Code Registration in Jaipur

It’s a dream of every business person to grow, expand, and long haul the journey of business. In other words, everyone wants to grow their startup idea and pushes beyond the limits of the domestic market. 

However, we know operating and managing business isn’t just like an everyday cup of tea. There are even odds to frankly think of, and act on it. 

In the view to expand business globally, you need to follow several procedures and laws in place and get different registration and license. Though which is a serious job. 

You can’t import or export your goods and services without the permits of specific authority or directions. 

You need Import Export Code (IEC) licence is one that permits you legally to send and receive goods and services internationally. 

Here in this blog, we will learn about IEC, when it is required, how to apply for IEC license, its seamless benefits, and how to get the licence online. 

What is Import/Export Code?

IEC is issued and provided by the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade). It permits the trade owners to legally send and receive goods to other seaports either domestic or international. 

IEC is a 10-digit licence code written in IEC certificate that has a lifetime validity. 

When IEC is Required?

You are required import export code license, when 

  • It is required by the custom specialists to free the shipments for the situation from any imports.
  • It is required by the bank to move the sum on account of any imports made.
  • On the off chance that an exporter needs to send the shipments, at that point it is required.
  • And, the exporter should get cash in remote money and it is moved straightforwardly into his financial balance.

Benefits of Import Export Code 

The following are the benefits of registering for Import Export Code:

  1. Business Expansion: Getting IEC helps you transmit goods and services globally, which deemed business to reach their feet on the global market and thus leads to business expansion. 
  1. Reach Global Market: Traders may be free to send goods anywhere to any country but in legal eyes. Sending goods and services or receiving products help to know the global products types, functions, characteristics, and their utilization which help business to reach the global market. 
  1. No Return Filing: Unlike online tax filing and return verification is mandatory, IEC need not be required to file any returns. Once the code has been allotted to you, you will not be required to follow a process like verification or validity. 
  1. Easy Processing: It usually takes 10 to 15 days to obtain an Import Export Code from the DGFT. You have to just submit a nominal import export licence fee along with little documents and rest you just wait for your IEC certification. 

Steps Involved in IEC (Import/Export Code) Registration

N Koolwal & Co highly recommend you to get your 10-digit license code with our fast process. 

Step 1 – Complete Our Form here

Step 2 – Submission and verification of documents

Step 3 – Submit the IEC fee

Step 4 – Your work is done! 

Thinking of what documents have to be submitted? Here are the IEC required documents to be submitted to our portal. 

  • A copy of a PAN card of the applicant or the company.
  • A copy of Sale Deed/ Rent Agreement/ Latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill in name of applicant (for address proof).
  • A cancelled cheque of the current account bearing the entity’s pre-printed name or Bank Certificate in form ANF-2A(i).
  • Entity should provide the registration certificate with MoA- AoA/LLP Agreement, or a Partnership Deed as applicable
  • Digital Certificate

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Online Import Export Code Registration

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Import Export Code Registration Process, Benefits & Required Documents

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